West Yorkshire National Trust Bowlers

This social event has become almost as frequent as the tasks! Just for fun, we keep a record of scores over each 'season', of which there are three per year, coinciding with the publication of the WYNTV events programme.

We even have a prestigious West Yorkshire NTV Champion Bowler trophy. This is what all those dedicated bowlers are striving towards. And our handicap system means that everyone has a chance to win it! If you think it would look good on your mantelpiece, why not come along and join in the fun? Contact Us

Current League Table

Date of last game: 31st October 2018.

  Games Played Best Score Handicap Average Consistency Points
Colin 8 178 60 156 85% 216
John 4 123 98 108 90% 206
Jo 10 154 108 97 83% 205
Richard 10 148 96 107 86% 203
Helen 8 126 106 96 85% 202
Martin 10 164 78 123 87% 201
James 12 145 58 118 88% 176

Your handicap for the current season is calculated by subtracting your average at the end of the last season in which you played, from 200. This handicap is then added to your current average to give you a number of points. Hence players are ranked according to who has improved most. This makes it very difficult to win the trophy twice in consecutive seasons! Note that handicaps for new players are calculated from their first two games, and apply for the remainder of the season. You have to play at least four games in a season to win the trophy.

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