Dry-Stone Walling

Dry-stone walls are a traditional feature of the Yorkshire Dales, so it is no surprise that we find ourselves repairing them from time to time.  Building a wall from scratch is a hard and skilled job which is usually beyond our single-day tasks and is left to contractors.  However, we make our contribution by repairing gaps in existing walls - an important task as many of the walls are still used to contain livestock.  The photo below shows a classic example of an Upper Wharfedale wall in need of repair.

Photo by C. Fowler

At the end of the day (below), the wall looked rather more healthy...

Photo by C. Fowler

Another way in which NT Volunteers can help with dry-stone walling is in recovering valuable stone washed away by floods or thaws.  This has happened a number of times in Upper Wharfedale, and the stones often end up in narrow gullies or steep ravines which are completely inaccessible to mechanized transport.  This is the sort of task where a large number of willing Volunteers is the only answer.

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